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(Source: cath-fish)

(Source: cath-fish)

Central Station, 17 July 2014.


Fortitude Valley, 28 June 2014. 

round windows are the best windows.

Moonrise, 13 July 2014.

blurry but I like it.

Hendra, 18 June 2014. 

on the train between Bald Hills and Strathpine stations.

vacant house on my street.

suburbia, part I.

(part II)

suburbia, part II.

(part I)

(Source: cath-fish)

Woah woah woah, A full image of your new display pic please!? if you took that photo ofcourse haha, it looks awesome.

Asked by pat-oh-rick

haha, thank you! I did take it! about four years ago, I decided to learn how to make fake blood. turns out it’s pretty easy (and kind of tasty?)